Right Amount of Homework

The debate over the topic of homework has always been controversial. Many parents and children believe that homework should not be given to the students, while some of them believe that homework has its own advantages and should not be ignored. 

It is believed that homework plays an important role in building the thinking skills and problem-solving skills of the students as they are expected to complete their work themselves. 

Also, completing their work before or on deadline enhances the time management skills of the students and makes them more disciplined. Although homework has its own advantages, giving too much homework can deprive a child of his own personal time that he wishes to spend the way he likes by doing the things of his interests like playing, painting, reading, etc.

Thus, it is important that the right amount of homework should be given to the students so that both the intellectual and extra-curricular development of the student goes hand in hand. A lot of times, it happens that the homework given to the students is not at all relevant to the concept that they are being taught and they require help with homework. It does not help students and their intellectual growth.

Elementary Class Students

For the initial growth of students, it is important that the students connect with their teachers. A lot of writing work will prove to be of no help to the young students. It is important that the students of their age should be engaged in practical activities so that they are able to understand the concepts more clearly and will have a clear picture of objects in their minds.

Reading and speaking skills of these children should be focussed upon so that they do not face any problem in their communication skills in their future. Taking them to field trips can be more helpful rather than confining them to the four walls of their classroom.

Middle School Students

It is seen that homework proves to be more beneficial to the Middle School Students as at their age, it is very important to build a strong foundation of their concepts. Homework for these children should be prepared in such a way that the students get into the regular habit of doing their homework. Repetitive assignments or projects that become troublesome for the students should be avoided.

With the homework that has been given to these students, the habit of self-study should instill in the students so that they do not face any problems in High School or College. Spoon feeding should not at all be promoted and the students must be made independent enough to tackle their problems. Quality of homework should always be preferred over the quantity of homework.

High School Students

It is mandatory for High School Students to practice their subject matter regularly so that they are able to score better in their tests and exams. When students of their age are continuously asked for the submission of their homework, they become agitated and start disliking that subject. High school students should be dealt with care and understanding and must be encouraged at every step so that they do things on their own. 

Teachers play a very important role in shaping the future of children. When a student comes to a teacher to discuss the problems he is facing while trying to do his homework, the teacher should encourage him and should not shoo him away for disturbing her. The moral support given by the teacher boosts up the students and as a result, they develop an interest in that subject. 

Parents also play a very important role in boosting up the morale of the child so that he constantly feels the urge to do better.


Overall, the focus of both parents and the teachers should be on developing the understanding skills of the child rather than focusing on marks. That is the only way by which we make our children intellectual in the right way. The constant pressure to do better in tests and exams affects the students in one way or the other. We must teach our children that whatever they do, they should do it with all their hearts to reap good results.

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