Sweet Potato Spaghetti


Once again inspired by another blog post (this time the Civilized Caveman), I wanted to try out some sweet potato pasta.
The original recipe makes the pasta tagliatelle/fettuccine style, but I felt I wanted a creamy spaghetti-like dish, so here’s what I did:

Creamy Sweet Potato Spaghetti

Prep time15 minutes
Cook time15 minutes
Total time30 minutes
Compliance Primal
Meal type Side Dish
Main ingredient Vegetables
Gluten free, but contains dairy...

What you need:

  • 3-4 sweet potatoes
  • 4 tablespoons butter, clarified butter, or ghee
  • 1 cup (2.5 dl) creme fraiche
  • 0.25 cup (0.5 dl) full fat cream
  • 1-2 teaspoon dried basil
  • salt (to taste)
  • crushed black pepper (to taste)

What to do:

1Peel the sweet potatoes, cut off the ends, and cut them into "spaghetti" using a vegetable spiralizer.
2Melt the butter/clarified butter/ghee in a pot over medium heat and add the sweet potato "spaghetti".
3After a few minutes, add the creme fraiche and let it melt.
Then add the cream and spices and gently stir until all "spaghetti" is coated in creamy sauce.
4Remove from heat once it got the texture you prefer.


If you wish to, you can omit the dairy altogether.


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  1. I love spaghetti squash and salmon and that salmon looks as if it was cooked PERFECTLY! I need to get one of those spiralers! :)

    • Thanks! :)
      About the salmon I often just give them some color in a frying pan, then finish them off in the oven (about 400F for about 15-20 minutes), always gives a good result…
      Unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to try spaghetti squash out, just doesn’t seem to be available around here :(

      Take care and have a nice weekend!

  2. Wow, that sweet potato spaghetti looks awesome! I’ve never seen anything like it. I adore sweet potatoes, so I’m sure that I’d love it. Looks like a great combo with the salmon, too.

    • Thanks Carrie, happy to hear the post inspired you! :)
      Took a look at your blog too, and must say I saw a lot of stuff that would be much appreciated by my taste buds…great food, great pictures!
      (…and “Our Life in Food” is now added to my RSS-reader, looking forward to future posts!) :)

      Keep up the good work!

  3. Acctually Sweet Potato is not LCHF at all.
    It contains 25+ carbs per 100g, it is a little less starch, but more sugar than regular potato.

    • Hi Nathalie,
      thanks for your comment! :)

      I must say, I both agree and disagree on that…let me elaborate:

      There are two main “guidelines” for what LCHF is in terms of carb intake:
      A) Try to only eat food types that contain 5% or less carbs.
      B) Don’t exceed 50g of carbs per day (recommendation is 20-50g).

      Looking at those guidelines I would say that sweet potato is, as you say, a FOOD TYPE that that is not within the range of LCHF compliant foods (i.e. guideline A)…
      Nevertheless, I would say that it still occasionally and in moderation could be included in a LCHF DIET/LIFESTYLE (i.e. guideline B).

      Hope you are happy with this answer and that it clarifies my view on it?, and once again, thanks for sharing your opinion!
      I truly appreciate it and will try to update the post text to be a little bit informative than just “yup” ;)

      (And I will review my LCHF compliance statement on the Baked Sweet Potato post too, since that recipe is a main course recipe with sweet potato as the key ingredient, while this recipe rather is a side dish recipe (meaning it will/should be consumed in a far less quantity)…a main dish sweet potato recipe is actually a LCHF borderline case even for me ;)

      Take care! :)

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  5. butter and cream? I thought the paleo diet avoids dairy?

    • Strictly Paleo...ish!

      You’re right Megan, Paleo avoids dairy.
      (This recipe is filed under “Primal” compliance though, which might include full fat dairy. The compliance is also stated in the beginning of the recipe.)
      If you wish to only see recipes without (or omittable) dairy, go to “Recipes” in the top menu and click “Paleo” under “Compliance”, and you’ll get a nice overview of all recipes matching the criteria.

      This site is not strictly Paleo (even though the majority of the recipes are), hence the name of the site (and this recipe definitely falls under the “…ish” section).

      Anyway, I hope you do find the menu easy to navigate and helpful to filter out what you are/aren’t looking for (and of course that you’ll also discover new recipes you’ll find interesting)! :)


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